Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ecola Beach

We drove a few miles south of Seaside to Ecola State Park. We were going with Bob and Julie but we decided to take the dogs, so we took Roxie with us in our car and the took their 2 dogs, Odie and Scruffy, with them in their truck. After leaving 101 and entering the park we drove down a small winding road through thick, lush Forrest for about 3 miles. Then we came to the beach.

We had been told that dogs may be off leash if they are under voice command, so we pretended to be in charge and the dogs had a good day. They played with other dogs, swam, ran and generally were having a dog day. Roxie managed to find something smelly to roll in so that she needed a bath later.
Roxie just loving this better than even food.

OH, No, here's Roxie leading the little guys astray.

The beach was beautiful on this sunny afternoon. We watched the surfers, and the surf. A lighthouse and large rocks were in the water in the cove ahead of us.

this was really a beautiful site.

There were a lot of surfers out today

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