Sunday, September 13, 2009

La Conner, Washington

We are staying at the La Conner Washington Thousand Trails park for 15 days. We came here to see some of our friends who are also traveling in the west. It was a shock when we came to find that our friend Merralee had had a nasty fall that morning while walking her dog and broke her left foot in two places. So Merralee has been housebound(trailerbound?) and Barb has been visiting daily trying to cheer her up a bit.

It is still blackberry season here. Barb has picked some most days and made several pies with blackberries often mixed with another fruit. And Dennis has had plenty of blackberries to put on his cereal or ice cream.

We got here as the annual pickelball tournament was taking place. We got to take part in most events. But we didn't impress anyone with our showing. (Alibi: not playing for 4 months seems to take the edge off of one's game). But the quality of play was great and we met some nice people. There have been enough players to keep playing after the tournament but Dennis has been frustrated that his back problems have flared up again preventing him from playing.

It is a pretty park with scenic towns of La Conner and Anacortes within easy driving distance.

view of the dock area of Anacortes. While taking these photos, a lot of antique cars came to the overlook. Later found out that these were the cars that Oland and Tom went to LaConner to see, oh well at least I got to see them

At the end we had a cookout of our own and had a great time with friends.

The cookout was the first time Merralee got out of the 5th wheel.

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