Saturday, November 21, 2009

Among the Palms

We've been back at Palm Springs Thousand Trails park for nearly a week now. It is a nice setting with all of the tall Palm trees. And it is getting crowded now. We are here now for a three week stay, then we will be in another park for about 2 weeks then back here for another three weeks.

Dennis was having a little trouble with the satellite setup, hmmmm wonder why???

This park has way to many palm trees.

Trying to get the bus for the holidays.

Barbara is continuing her Physical Therapy for her foot. She saw an orthopedist to examine her shoulder. He extended her therapy for a month. She is now to get P.T. for both her shoulder and her foot.Oh the pain of it all. Really hate this bike.

Dennis has been playing pickleball regularly. He is playing on the thousand trails team in pickleball league involving several area RV parks. Barbara has been unable to play for a while due to her foot injury. She got some good news yesterday though. She talked with her therapist and he ok'ed playing cautiously while wearing a special ankle support. So she plans to go out and give it a try.

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