Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Desert Pools

We are now at the Desert Pools Western Horizon Park at Desert Hot Springs. It is only about 20 miles from our last stop. The two parks are quite different. The thousand trails park that we just left is noted for its very tall Palm Trees planted in neat rows throughout the park. They give the place a classy look and even seem to help a bit with the afternoon heat. But they also make the park difficult and risky for parking a large rv. The park that we are in now is much more open and has very large sites and interior roads. The surface is all sand (no grass) and has more of a desert look. There are mountain views and nice views of the sky especially at sunset. It seems hotter we think because of lack of shade and the sandy surface. We are glad that we paid extra for 50 amp power as it allows us to run both air conditioners during the heat of the day. The park is named for the natural hot water pools in the area. The park has 3 hot tubs at different temperatures making is easy to find one to suit us.

Sunset our first sunset at desert hot pools.

Another sunset view here at desert hot pools.

Roxy watching the sun setting, she seems to be transfixed.

Barbara went in for her evaluation for physical therapy and is scheduled to start her treatment tomorrow. She will be going three times a week and if all goes well the treatment will be complete in three weeks.

We got a late start for our short trip this morning. Dennis played a few games of pickleball before getting to the business of getting ready and moving this morning. With the short drive we were still here by noon.

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  1. Hello from Virginia. We just got back from our trek out West. We had a wonderful time. Looks like you are too. Sorry to hear that Barb is injured-we'll have to read on to see what is wrong. Love your blog and your pictures.
    Nathan, Krystal and your adopted grandson Austin