Sunday, November 1, 2009

Palm Springs

We are now in Palm Springs. Well, we are at the Palm Springs Thousand Trails Park but it really has a Palm Desert address. We were planning to spend some time in this area starting in the middle of November. When it became clear that we would need to be prepared to stay in one area to get Barbara's problem with her foot taken care of we decided to head this way a couple of weeks early. She was told that she would need 3 weeks of physical therapy and a followup visit.

When we were in Hollister Barbara saw a doctor at an urgent care clinic who did an xray then an MRI, then referred her to a orthopedic specialist. The orthopedic doctor told her that it was a ligament tear in her right foot and put her in a heavy boot. He also prescribed the physical therapy which he thought would take care of the problem.

Our trip in today was an easy drive of less than 3 hours. We crossed the desert on a crisp sunny morning and came over Cajon summit and down the hill and through San Bernadino in light Sunday traffic. An easy day. We stopped at the Flying J just west of here to fill the tank. But we had a bit of an accident on the first stop. The latch for our refrigerator was not closed. The door came open and we had a lot of spillage. And some broken bowls. What a mess. It took a while to get that all cleaned up.

We are only here for 3 days then will move to another park in the area. We already had several reservations in and didn't want to start changing them. We couldn't get a reservation for the 15 day period so we will be here the 3 days and 12 in the other park.

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  1. Say Hi to Smitty and Louise good Pickle Ball we are missing it bad! now in LHC