Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Sur and Highway 1

Today we took the car with a plan to visit the Monterrey area and drive down highway 1 along the coast. We drove west to Monterrey and decided to head and down highway 1 to Big Sur then visit Monterrey on the way back. Bob and Julie rode with us. It was an interesting ride down the curvy and hilly coast highway. We've been down this highway before but we wanted to see it again while we are in the area. The coastline is rugged and hilly with great views over the ocean.

Just in case you dont know Julie is terrified about heights, so she had to have company for this shot.

How do you like the new footwear, you really dont want to be kicked with that.

The views were breath taking.

We saw some fabulous homes with unbelievable views along the way.
my favorite there is house to the right behind the trees, hard to get in the picture, but was wonderful and very very large.

We made a couple of stops in the tourist oriented areas of Big Sur. We stopped at the Ripplewood Resort in Big Sur for enjoyable lunch and browsed in some of the other shops and stores without buying anything.this is a very large pumpkin in front of the diner where we had a very good lunch.
This sign made Barb want to take up drinking beer, lol

We stopped at a number of the scenic pullouts to soak in the views. At one point we saw what we were told was a California Condor floating high above us.
Was afraid he was up too high for a good shot, but hot too bad.

By the time we got back to Monterrey it was late afternoon and we were tired. So we decided to wait to look around that area another time.

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