Thursday, October 8, 2009

Klamath River

We drove from Port Orford today to Klamath, California. It was an easy drive. We stopped for fuel before we left Port Orford as we had seen a gas station with a very large lot and easy approach. We didn't really need to fill up yet but we knew that we would be staying on 101 and that easy in fuel spots might be hard to find. We also thought the price would be better in Oregon than California.

The drive down the coast highway continued to be very scenic. There were many great views of the ocean and coastline. The Oregon coast from end to end is impressive and more beautiful than any other we have seen. We are also impressed that Oregonians have resisted high rises and commercialization of the coast and kept it so much of it assessable to the public.

We have driven into California several times before, but it always seems odd to be stopped at the border for the checks for fruit. It feels like you are entering another country. The inspector was quite friendly and when we informed him that we were carrying bananas and lemons asked to see the lemons. He looked carefully at each of the lemons and ruled that they were fit to enter California.

We had reservations and directions to the Klamath River RV Park. Just getting into the park was nerve racking. We saw a sign with an arrow showing almost a U-turn to get in. Uh-Oh. Well, we saw the enterance was wide, but turns of much more than 90 degrees are hard with our bus and car combination and this was more like 140 degrees and down hill with a sharp dropoff on the left hand side of the enterrence road. With our wide turn we were at the left side of the road looking over the steep hill. There were logs as a barrier it looked like we were going to be scraping them, so Barbara got out to watch while Dennis inched the bus forward. It turned out that we cleared the log by several inches but it sure looked close from inside.

The park itself has a nice view of the Klamath River. There is a boat dock and it is apparently a good fishing area as several boats were going out. The sites a deep but narrow, open for satelite but with woods around the area. We were a bit put out by the $3 extra fee for electricity added on to the RPI fee that usually covers electricity. It was more irritating when we found that the voltage was prone to dropping under heavy use so it was necessary to manage power use to prevent it from dropping too low.

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