Saturday, October 17, 2009

Delta Shores

We woke up Thursday and found that it was still raining which was a disappointment. We were leaving and had expected that the rain would be over by the time we left. But we had to get ready and start the trip with it still raining. We drove approximately 130 miles to Delta Shores RV Park in Isleton. The traffic was heavy as we continued down highway 101 then headed west on highway 37, a little north of San Francisco bay. The rain stopped and the sky quickly cleared when we were 30 or 40 miles from here and the weather has stayed nice.

Its was a quick change of terrain as we left the rugged hill country and came across to a flat agricultural plain. The immediate area is at the edge of the Sacramento Valley. Except for a view of some mountains in the distance this area looks a lot like much of the midwest.

here is a good look at the Levee

This is one of two ROD parks in the area. Both parks are along the Mokelumne River. The road in is the levee along the river. When you turn into the park the entrance road quickly decends about 30 feet. On the other side of the road the water level is only a few feet below the road, so it looks like the whole area could be a flood zone with rising water. It is a recreational area with a lot of boating and fishing. Bob and Julie changed their plans and decided to stop in the area. They were not aware that we were here and choose the Lighthouse park which is only about a mile down the road.

sunrise at Delta Shores

Above is a great view of the dock across from the park for use by the members.

We all went out to dinner at Lucy's an Italian Restaurant in Rio Vista tonight. We had a great meal and a good time.

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  1. We stayed at that park also, and our friends stayed at the Lighthouse Marina. From there we went to TT Yosemite.