Friday, October 23, 2009

A Time of Celebration

Well another year has gone by. Dennis had a birthday and Barb and Julie seemed to think that it was a reason for celebration. At our age what are we celebrating. Surely not that we are older. More likely that we are still around and able to celebrate.

Julie and Bob has us over for a birthday dinner. Julie made her delicious ribs. Barb's primary contribution was one of her carrot cakes that everyone seems to like. She also make some asparagus which is one of Dennis' favorites. In any case it was a great meal and a good time.

This is the head of Bob and Julie's household. His name is Odie. He is very active, friendly and loves attention of any kind and any time

This is the beta dog. His name is Scruffy. He is much more laid back and takes life as it comes. He likes attention but doesn't seek it out.

These are the humans who like to think that they are in charge.

We played some cards -euchre. Bob is a relatively new player, but suddenly becoming quite competitive, at least with our group. We've mostly been playing men against the women, and the men have started winning their share.