Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Electric City, Washington

We are parked now for a week at Dennis' parent's house in Electric City, Washington. Until we went to Alaska, we had always thought of Electric City as being a very small and somewhat remote town. But our perspective is a bit different now. It is hard to see it as remote when within a couple of miles there is a large supermarket and other amenities of civilization like a hardware store, several restaurants, barber shops, dentists, etc. Still, Electric City is the kind of place where if you ask someone for a phone number, they respond with a four digit number. If you look puzzled or ask for the 3 digit prefix, they know you are a stranger. If you don't know the area code, they immediately understand that you are from another planet.

Electric City is best known and named for being a couple of miles above Grand Coulee Dam. It is secondarily known for being on Banks Lake which is the man made lake made from water pumped out of the Columbia River at Grand Coulee Dam for ultimate use in irrigation in Eastern and Central Washington. Banks Lake has increasingly become a recreation area for boating, camping, and bass fishing. People from western Washington often come here in the summer for its warm, sunny, dry weather.
banks lake near Electric city

In addition to visiting, we are helping Dennis' parents with a few things around the house and yard, and some housekeeping issues of our own. Dennis replaced a hose on our generator that had a small leak and got a ladder and climbed up on our roof to repair our roof vent fan. We are also washing the bus and car, and repacking items that we left here while we traveled to Alaska, and Dennis will change the oil in the generator.

Here are some pictures of the dam and the area.

there is great fishing and boating of all kinds here,

view of coulee dam

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