Saturday, August 8, 2009

Watson Lake

Today we drove from Whitehorse to Watson Lake most of which involved the only portion of the Alaska highway that we had already driven. We hit an area of thick smoke around Teslin but it cleared up to the point that there is no smoke in Watson Lake. We are parked at the Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake which seems to be a good choice for an overnight stop. We are next to the nice First Wye Lake City Park.

first wye lake city park

We made a couple of stops at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center and the George Johnston Museum. The George Johnston Museum had the best coffee that we have had for a while. We drove the Old Alaska Highway for a mile or 2 at Teslin then got back on and went over this bridge which is the longest one on the Alaska Highway.
The longest bridge in the Yukon

side view of the bridge, there is a lot of smoke, visibility was very poor.

We had really good coffee here and the young girl who worked there was very informative about the area

One of several totem poles

More totem poles

After getting parked at the RV park we looked around Watson Lake a little and went to the Northern Lights Center where we saw a video and light display focused on the aurora borealis and a somewhat disconnected but interesting video on astronaut training.

We went to the only fast food place in town and were pleased to see that they had pizza listed on the menu as we have not had one for a while. As soon as we mentioned pizza the proprietor/cook said "no pizza." We said "but it's on the menu". She said that she was too busy and essentially threated that she would burn it if she made it. So we decided to order something else from their limited menu (since its the only place in town).

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