Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hot Springs Tonight

We had an easy drive today from Watson Lake to Laird Hot Springs Provincial Park. We had heard a lot about the hot springs here as being a don't miss along the Alaska Highway. We got here about noon and it seemed too soon to stay but we weren't sure we would feel like driving after a good soak in the hot springs, so we took a spot for the night. It was $19 for a no hookup spot for the night which seems high, but it includes free use of the hot spa which is ordinarily $5/person, so in a sense we are only paying $9 for the campsite. In any case, the campsites are large and wooded, a pleasant setting, and easy to maneuver in our bus. We enjoyed the hot springs in the afternoon so much we returned again in the evening.

Looks like Dennis needs to get back in the sun and improve his tan.

The drive over was easy. The highlight was a close look at this buffalo walking along the road.

this is a really big guy.

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  1. I enjoyed your photos very much, wow, buffalo, bears, glaciers, loved your wild life photos. You are a very good photographer, I am a photographer at our pickleball site. I came across your site from Brits on Tour and loved reading it. By the way, wishing Barb a quick recovery from her surgery. Also, you have a beautiful big bus, what a great way to travel around to see so much sights.