Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chena Hot Springs

Today we drove to Chena Hot Springs. Dennis' Aunt Pat went with us. Chena Hot Springs is a resort about 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks. The ride was scenic but a bit slow because of some areas of construction.

A major attraction of Chena Hot Springs is the Aurora Ice Museum. This is a unique frozen building with everything inside made of ice. There is a Polar Bear, Igloo, Bar area, and a duplicate of a prize winning ice statue of jousters. There are 2 bedrooms that can be rented for the night but apparently no one has yet made it through the night on the beds of ice. You can order a cocktail at the bar in a glass of ice. We passed as the drinks were expensive and hold the ice glass and drinking in the freezing museum did not seem appealing.

This is the area where the ice is made for the ice building.

Beautiful ice pieces here

dennis crawling out of the igloo.

love these colors were just beautiful
how would you like to park your bare butt on this ice toliet.

We really love this polar bear bed, but dont think we could spend the nite sleeping on it.

We also went on a tour of the operation of the geothermal aspects of the facility. All buildings are heated directly with the hot springs water. In addition in recent years the facility has developed the capacity to generate it own electricity by turning turbine generators with the hot water. This was apparently a challange because the water is only 165 degrees which is not as hot as that of some other similar facilities. In addition, they have a greenhouse which is also heated and powered by the hot springs.
These were really huge hanging tomatoes.

This large planter caught our eyes, very well done.

We also visited a farmers market and flea market near the university and had a great dinner at the Chena Pump House in Fairbanks

this is a dead tree that has been carved out. the tree in sitting on the dinning deck at the pump house.

more of ther carved tree

these veggies were outside the front of the pump house.

You can see how large the cabbage is by looking at the take out box.

After dinner we went over to the large animal research farm to check out the must ox

What a way to end a great day.

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