Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To Mile 0 and Beyond

Yesterday we drove the rest of the way to Dawson Creek and stayed the night at the Mile 0 RV Park. We didn't care much for the park. We didn't like the poor wifi, the unfriendly staff, and the fact that they told us that the only sites unreserved were the 50 amp. full service pull throughs (the most expensive sites in the park) when by the end of the day it was very clear that was not true.

We shopped a little and looked around Dawson Creek a little. We stopped by the Alaska Mile 0 post downtown.

We had decided to divert into Alberta to go through Banff and Jaster National Parks. This morning we drove to Cache Creek, Alberta. This was an easy drive, less than 200 miles, through the prarie county then south into the mountains again. We stopped for fuel at Fas Gas just past the Alberta border and were happy that it was nearly a dollar less than our last diesel purchase in the Yukon.
what a long winding road, bad weather coming in.

Just so beautiful to look at even in the rain.

We stopped at the Cache Creek Municipal Campground and are very pleased. It is a friendly, well managed campground with large wooded sites and easy to maneuver. We were also happy that the wifi here though a bit slow works consistently as we had been essentially off line for 3 days. It would be a nice spot to stay and relax for a few days but we will be moving on tomorrow.

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