Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost to Mile Zero

Tonight we are at the mile 80 rest area on the Alaska Highway. The highway was curvy with a number of steep grades some of which we had to climb in first gear. But we got an early start and might have made it to Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek but we had more construction stops than we have seen before. We followed pilot cars 5 or 6 times, some after long waits. It makes for slow traveling and a long day.

We drove through the Rocky Mountain section of the highway. We had many great views of the mountains and saw more variety of wildlife than we had seen on any day except when we took the tour bus at Denali.

The wildlife that we saw included buffalo, elk, caribou, and stone sheep.
These stone sheep were really cool, they walked in front of the bus as we pulled over, then they ran down the side of the road, almost disappearing in all the rocks.
these two were on the other side of the road and the one seem to be saying talk to the butt!!
this is a lone caribou

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