Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time to get things fixed

Yesterday we left the Little Diamond NACO park at Newport and drove to the Detroit Diesel shop in the Spokane Valley. We were a bit worried as our discussion with the mechanic in Whitehorse as well as phone conversation with the manager of the Spokane shop indicated that oil leaking from the top back of the engine is usually a labor intensive fix. When we got there Dennis showed them the leak and said that he had thought that it was diesel fuel but the mechanic in the Yukon check and was sure it was an oil leak. They did a preliminary check and agreed with Dennis that it was in fact diesel fuel. That was good news as the leak if hard to get at was likely at least to be external to the engine itself. So we left the bus with them optimistic that it could be repaired in a couple of hours rather than a couple of days.

While we were waiting we decided to drive over to Lake Couer d'Alene. We spent some time walking along a path along the lake shore and just enjoying the setting on a perfect morning. When we returned the bus was done as it had simply been a bad fuel line. So it was an easy fix. And after discussion with the mechanic we decided that this was the likely culprit in our loss of engine prime in Seward, Alaska several weeks ago.this city has a beautiful lake and bike and running path.

We proceeded to the Ponderosa Falls RV Park. We are scheduled to stay in here for 4 days. This park is a contrast to the last one in that it is nearly full and quite busy. We got a full hookup 50 amp site through ROD. They have more than the usual activities and recreation facilities. We are at the edge of the Spokane area and close to amenities of a larger city but still in an ancrowded area. The park itself is has many tall pine trees that provide some pleasant shade as today is one of the hottest days of the summer here. Among the facilites this park has 2 pickleball courts, although only one currently has a net. We haven't been on a pickleball court in months so we went out and hit some balls today.

Wow it was great to get out onto a pickleball court even thou Barb has a bad ankle, we were able to get some practice in. The exercise felt good

We wanted to stay here in part to be able to get some things taken care of that would be probably be easier in a larger town. We had been having some intermittent problems with starting our car and had put off getting it taken care of. Dennis took it in today and had a new starter and battery installed. We also contacted our insurance about our windshield and they scheduled someone to come out tomorrow and replace it. So these items along with the bus fuel leak are the major things we needed to get done.

This is a nice waterfall here at the campground, you can see where the place got its name.

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