Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Although we have traveled internationally it has been a while. We are getting oriented to being in Canada. We have been doing some shopping and prices generally have seemed high to us. High that is even after the currency exchange rate. Some things worse than others. I went to the liquor store to get some wine and was surprised that prices seemed more than double what we have been paying. No wonder some try to sneak a few bottles of their favorite drinks across the border. I found out on a brief visit to Canadian side of Niagra Falls last year that the credit card I usually use now adds a 3% international exchange charge. So I called them and our 2 other credit cards. Only one of them (from a credit union, not a large bank) said they do not add such a charge for international purchases, so we are trying to use that card for most purchases. We tried a cash purchase at a chain store and found that the exchange was actually better for us than expected based on internet quote that we had seen. We are also making the adjustment for kilometers/miles. We know the relationship between them and even have the small kilometer/hour markings on the speedometer but it seems we have to be constantly thinking of this. And lets not even get into the local weather talk of it being a balmy 30 degrees.

We enjoyed a good Mexican restaurant called Hectors Cafe, in the Pandosy neighborhood. Good food and great Margaritas. We recommend it highly.

Kelowna is one of the larger cities in B.C. According to the local tourist guidebook Kelowna is an Indian word for grizzly bear. It is along Lake Okanogan which is known among other things for the lake monster Ogpogo. We were fortunate enough to get a picture.

The campground itself is on Duck Lake. This is Roxie in Duck Lake.

We will be leaving this park and area tomorrow thinking that we should have spent more time here. Maybe on our way back. The large sailboat on the road makes the Holiday Park easy to find.

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