Monday, June 8, 2009

Up the Cassiar

We were a little slow in deciding whether to stay another day at Stewart. It was nice there, but we felt that we had seen most of what we could see in the area and we were aware of having a lot of miles to go, so we decided to move on. We didn't get out till 11 am which seems late but since there was still 12 hours of daylight it didn't seem to matter much.

We were delayed a few minutes out of town by a construction crew repairing the road from an avalanche that had wiped out a section of one lane of the road the night before. It reminded us again that the Avalanche Area signs in the area are a serious matter. From there our travel was uneventful.

We considered a side trip on the Telegraph Creek Road but decided against it based on the cautious descriptions in the Milepost and some of the road problems we had been seeing on the Cassiar and the road above Hyder. These made us think the trip would be more suitable for an SUV or pickup than our Camry sedan. We did not see Mark's recommendation to take this road until after we had gone past and may have reconsidered if we had.

The highlight was that we saw 2 more black bears along the road and got a picture of one while the other ran as soon as we stopped.

The road was narrow but good with little traffic until about the mid point. Then we hit the first gravel section of about 10 kilometers and started to run into occasional road heaves. The forests, lakes and snow covered mountains made great scenery. We managed to get the bus and tow car maneuvered into the large parking lot of a restaurant and went in for dinner. We enjoyed a meal that was good with large portions but a bit expensive in our view. It was a pleasant meal during which we talked with several other Alaska/Yukon travelers. We traveled a bit late and had passed what seemed to be the best campgrounds for an RV the size of ours. We decided to stay at an isolated pullout on the road overlooking a wooded lake. We thought that it would give us a good chance of viewing some wildlife. That turned out not to be the case, but we did see a bright rainbow.

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