Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Skagway Side Trip

We made a day trip in our car today from Carcross, Yukon to our second Alaska town, Skagway. The trip there was the best part. It is over a mountain range with great views of the snow capped mountains, lakes, islands and forests. There were low lying clouds at points and areas of ice cover on the lakes. It looked at times like we think the Himalayas would look. The snow and clouds created at times an eerie moonscape type effect. We crossed into Alaska and got the firsts stamps on our passports, and crossed back into Canada quickly on our return. The town of Skagway is a small town filled with tourists from the cruise ships that land there. There are numerous tours by bus or train to see the area. In addition to the usual t-shirt and souvineer shops, there were many jewelry shops. We had a mediocre lunch at one of several restaurants on the main street.

Although there are some RV parks in Skagway, we elected to drive the car to save the fuel and trouble of driving the bus over the mountains and back for short visit. We probably would have seen more of the town if we had spent a couple of nights there but this way worked for us. In our view Skagway is definitely worth a visit.

We saw our first grizzly on our way back and were able to get this quick shot before it ran.

The Yukon has impressive signs when you enter. We did not get a picture the first time we came in, so we stopped this time.

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