Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tropical Canada

Tonight we are in Clinton, B.C. We are having hot weather in B.C. That was a factor in our staying here. We had planned to drive a long day and stop several hours up the road from here. But we our engine was heating up in the 90 plus degree afternoon (uh, excuse me 32 plus Celsius) and it is my understanding that there is a long hill ahead. Rather than stop to cool the engine before and perhaps after the hill we decided to stop for the night.

We are staying at the Gold Trail campground in Clinton. It is a basics kind of place, but we are in a long pull through with 30 amp service and full hookup. They have wifi but it is not working today. But we have internet thanks to Hughes Net which is still working well at this latitude.

We stopped for lunch at a scenic rest area over Lake Kamloops.

Clinton seems to be a quaint town oriented to tourists.These are some of the sign posts in this small town.


  1. At least you are having nice weather. Finally warming up here. We are on the road one week from today.

  2. Hey Dennis and Barb, send us some of that warm weather will you, left Yellowstone this am, amd have driven 250 odd miles, mainly in snow!!!! Max temp today? 45f. Brrrr. Enjoy.