Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two miles from Alaska


Tonight we are in Stewart, B.C. which is on the border with Hyder, Alaska. We decided to stay on the B.C. side to save having to go though the border twice with the bus. We plan to stay here 2 or 3 days and see the sights. For those who are not aware Hyder is a tiny tourist town in southeast Alaska that is not directly connected by road to any other part of Alaska. We are still a long way from most of Alaska. I just checked google and Anchorage is listed as 1353 miles away and the next closest Alaska city by road is Skagway with is 694 miles. We have a long ways to go.

We are at the Bear River RV Park which has full hookups which is a wooded campground on the edge of town with easy access for big rvs and has full hookups, wifi and cable tv.

We had decided a few days ago to go through northern B.C. on the Cassair highway rather than the Alaska highway. We could change our mind any time until we went through Prince George which was the point where the routes diverged. The morning we were to go through Prince George we heard that a large section of the Alaska was closed due to a forrest fire. So that reinforced our decision to take the Cassair. So far the road has been a good two lane highway with very little traffic. The only moment that gave me pause was when I saw the long one lane wooden bridge over the Nass River. My foot reflexively came off the accelerator and started for the brake. My brain quickly reassured me that logging trucks and semis weighing more than twice what we do use this road routinely and we crossed easily. The most scenic section so far was the road spur to Stewart and Hyder with great views some of which are shown above.

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  1. We are in Canada now, drive safe. We will be behind you in a couple of weeks. x

  2. Be sure to drive up to the Scotty gold camp outside of Stewart if you can. You are in my old stomping grounds now. Pretty well, Smithers west to the pacific and north to the Yukon border. Spent four years up there. Try and take in Telegraph Creek, car only, if you can as you head north on the Cassiar. We'll be taking that same route south in late August. Four more sleeps....

  3. Hi Barb and Dennis, Sounds like the two of you are having a great time on your way to Alaska. You've done a great job on your Blog. We'll keep up with you every step of the way. Pretty soon those Canadians and Englishmen will catch up to you and you'll all have a great time. We'll drop a comment every now and then hope you'll do the same.
    Rich and Donna