Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mushing in Carcross

We spent the day today in Carcross. The highlight was going to Caribou Crossing Wildlife Museum and Attractions Center. They have an excellent taxidermy display of Yukon and Alaska mammals including Ice Age mammals.

We took advantage of the opportunity to take a dog sled (actually cart) ride with a team of dogs belonging to Michelle Phillips who is training for the Iditerod. The 5 dogs pulled the cart with 3 people surprising fast and were controlled only by a foot brake and voice commands. The five dogs pulling our cart were Tracker and June the lead dogs, Fuzzy and Ry in the middle and K2 was the brake dog.

We stopped what is billed as the world's smallest desert with an oddly varied wind swept terrain.

We visited the historic railway station, hundred year old general store, a surprising helpful visitor information center, and visited the local post office which is the only one in Canada that is open seven days a week. We were able to get a nice stamp on our passports there.

We took Roxie to the mile long beach on Bennet Lake. She loved it a good chance to run and run and run. Oh yea she liked the water too.

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