Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Signs of Yukon

We got up early and continued up the beautiful but increasingly rough Cassiar highway. Another long patch of gravel road was followed by various rough spots, spot repairs, and short stretches of gravel road. The constantly changing condition of the road made it difficult to drive. We could not keep the GPS attached to the windshield as the bumps would shake it loose. We also had a support holding a cabinet shelf break and our printer fell and may be damaged.

The highlight of this segment was seeing two Bighorn Sheep just along the road. We were able to get a picture of one of them.


We crossed into the Yukon and reached the junction with the Alaska Highway and got fuel. At $1 a liter for diesel, the price was the highest I've seen this year, so I bought just enough to get to Whitehorse with the idea that the price will be lower in a larger city - that remains to be seen. We got permission to leave the bus in their huge parking lot and drove the 14 miles east to Watson Lake and back in the car. We walked through the famous signpost area at Watson Lake. Although we expect to pass through Watson Lake on our way home we felt a visit there belonged as part of the experience of going to Alaska. The number of signs and variety of types of signs, locales referenced and range of dates makes you feel part of a large group of co-travelers. Dennis' parents visited here on a trip to Alaska about 16 years ago and remembered it as impressive then. They did not remember if they or any of the group they traveled with had left a sign. We attempted to look for signs of that era but it looks like one would really need to know where to look to have chance at finding a particular sign.

We returned to the junction and took the Alaska Highway which is also a 2 lane road but unlike the Cassiar it it has a berm on each side and it is smoother but still has some rough spots and construction. We saw 2 moose off to the side of the highway but were unable to get a picture as there was a truck behind us preventing us from stopping safely. We took a side highway to Carcross where we plan to spend 3 or 4 nights and visit Skagway, Alaska and probably Atlin, B.C.

We are staying at Montana Services RV Park in Carcross. It is basically a gravel parking lot with fairly large spaces marked off by logs, but it has all of the amenities that we want for a reasonable price and we won't be spending a lot of time in the park.


  1. Atlin used to be a huge gold panning community. Great fishing in the lake too. I believe the court house in Atlin is the oldest one in BC, well it was back in 1988 anyway, when I was last there. Great place and very friendly people. I would think a car trip though and not the bus. Used to see lots of moose from the road on the way in.

  2. Thanks Mark. We are planning to take the trip in the car tommorrow.