Monday, June 1, 2009


June 1, 2009,

The starting point is abitrary, but for us the trip to Alaska really starts when we cross the US Canadian border. We started the day at the Omak, Washington Walmart after a major shopping trip to stock up there before crossing the border. It was a short drive from there to the border. We crossed at Osoy00s on Highway 97. We waited a short time for at what seemed to be a laid back crossing point. Seven or 8 vehicles ahead of us were waived on after a few questions. At our turn the guard was pleasant and seemed pleased with our straight forward answers. The questions were predictably about firearms, tobacco and alcohol, money, residences, itinerary, and whether we were carrying anything to sell or leave in Canada. The only food related question was about produce. We said that we had bananas and 2 oranges which was not a problem. But they asked us to pull over and come inside. The trigger seemed to be that we had not been to Canada for a number of years. They took our IDs (passports and driver's licenses) for a few minutes to check us out then returned and wished us a good day. Other than us it seemed to be only trucker's who were asked to come inside. It was a pretty drive up the Okanogan valley to Kelowna, B.C. The road was winding and hilly most of the way so the pace was a bit slow. We were also stopped in construction at one point for about a half hour. It worked out for us to have a sandwich for lunch while we were waiting. We arrived at the Holiday Park Resort in early afternoon. It is a well kept park. We are staying for 3 nights for a low rate through our RPI membership.


  1. Well done you, we will keep up to date with you xxx

  2. Hi, we will be watching you and Dennis all along the way. Maybe you will hook up along the way with Mark, Chris, Jim & Jane. They will be heading north sometime soon.

    Be Safe, have fun and share the experience!
    Silly Willy and Fluffy

  3. We stayed at that campground about 5 years ago. It was a nice well kept place then. Also the area arround Kelowna is very pretty.

  4. Nicely set up blog Barb. Have added you to our home page as well. I was stationed in Penticton for 10 years when I first joined the RCMP in 1977. Spent lots of time up and down Hwy 97.

    Safe trip.