Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alaska Sealife Center and Aquarium

Today we went to the Alaska Sea life Center and Aquarium. It is a well designed and interesting center. It was an interesting way to spend a morning. The stars of the show are the sea lions, sea otters and seals.

This young sea lion really put on a show for everyone, she would do anything for a fish.

Barb really enjoyed all of the birds. The puffins are really cool looking birds.

There are two kinds of puffins, this is the horned one and he is dark in color but so pretty.

These puffins are really colorful in the bill area and neat to watch them dive in the water sometimes about 200 feet to catch fish.

I cant remember the total name of this bird except part of it was dinosaur something. This one was raised by humans and will approach people, he will also try to follow you out of the bird section when someone opens the door.

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