Monday, July 13, 2009


Ever since we came to Alaska the one thing that I want to do more than anything else, was FISH, and to catch salmon. Arriving in Seward, the main objective was to get on a boat and fish. We finally set a time for Sat. July 11. I arrived early for the trip but sure did not want to miss the boat. I was schedule on what is call a six-pack trip which is 6 people and the captain on a small boat.

The captain was a tiny little woman named Kat and she was a real character. Said what she meant and meant what she said. After arriving early 4 of the other fishermen were on time and we had to wait a long time for the last woman show up, she couldn't find the the right dock.

She finally shows up 45 minutes late and we were ready to go after Kat gave us the rules of the trip. The safety features of the small boat were only the life jacket location, and to hold on while moving. The other important information regarded the toilet rules. There was not enough ceiling space for the men to stand up to pee, so they had to stand facing the toilet just outside the door and pee in half a milk container, then poor it over the side of the boat. While this was going on the ladies had to face the other direction as if whale watching.

We finally go on the way out to the fishing spot, there were hundreds of boats out there, big, small and even smaller than the one I was on. Kat decided that we would go to Pony cove as planned since there were so many people out on the weekend.

We found our spot and Kat got all of us set up with the rods, bait and instructions as how to lower your line into the water. To say the least I was very nervous, very large body of water, very small boat, with a short wall to lean into with my knees for support. Jim got the first bit and he pulled a really nice salmon up close so Kat could get with the net. Now I was really nervous, just thought I would never get one and then, there was this slight tug, I pulled up on the rods and the fight began. It was wonderful, he was a real fighter but Kat kept yelling hold him, follow him down the boat, I had to keep reeling while ducking under the other lines in the water, then there he was and Kat got him in the net. I was so pumped up I couldn't believe that I caught that big fish, and couldn't wait to the line back in the water. The limit on salmon in Alaska is 6 per day except for King and that is 2 per day.

I was afraid that I would not be able to catch my limit, Jim was the first to do so and he also caught the biggest one. Everyone was caught off guard when I caught two at the end to finish my limit in second place. I only lost 2 off my hook the whole day so I felt that I did a good job/ 3 of us got our limit and the other 3 caught 3 each for a total of 27 fish. Eat you heart out.

This is one of the six that I caught, they were all pretty much the same size. Dennis will be eating salmon for a while now. As for myself, I cant wait to try this again.

This is what all six looked like.


But the day was not done. We wanted to go to Exit Glacier which is the only part of Kenai Fjords National Park which is accessible by land. We drove up with a plan to hike up toward the glacier. We walked in with Dennis wanting to do a more difficult hike and Barbara an easy one. When we got the information, we found that the difficult hike above the glacier was in fact longer and more strenuous than expected. So he decided that he would take the moderate 2 mile hike to the glacier. Barbara started with him but decided to bail out and settle for a side trail with good views of the toe of the glacier. As this morning wasn't exciting enough for Barbara, seconds after we spit up, Dennis and another hiker caught sight of a black bear right where Barbara was heading. Dennis called out to her and she caught these views of the bear crossing the trail ahead of her.

He came out of the woods in front of her and did not seem to even notice that she was there and continued across the road sooooo...

she continued clicking and clicking until he re-entered the woods on the other side.

Here are some pictures of the glacier.

This a view of the toe from the bottom of the glacier.

This one view from the edge of the glacier.

Another look at it

and other from the edge of the glacier.

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