Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drive back to Soldotna

We drove to Soldotna and back today. After being in that area for 2 weeks we didn't really want to return but things worked out so we needed to. We had ordered some things to be sent to us general delivery Soldotna, expecting that they would easily arrive by Tuesday. But it turns out the company was late in shipping so they weren't there. At that point we were ready to leave and didn't want to just wait on mail, so we moved on to Seward, reluctantly agreeing that we didn't want to go though a timely process of having them forwarded to get to us eventually. So when we were sure that would be there we went back to go to the post office. In the meantime another reason come up. We have been dealing with Tom Tom trying to get our GPS working right. After a number of phone and email exchanges and trying various fixes, they authorized a warranty replacement. In order to get the replacement we needed to UPS the old one back. Turns out there is no UPS office in Seward but there is in Soldotna, so we went to the UPS office while we were in Soldotna and shipped our malfunctioning GPS unit back.

Of course Soldotna hadn't changed much in the 2 days we had been gone. But we were surprised at the amount of smoke in the air during the second half of the trip there. It was much worse than near Seward. It turns out that there is a wild fire reported to be in the Funny River Road area west of Soldotna. We believe that is the source of most of the smoke that covered the sky at at time was irritating to us riding in the car.

This fire was on Funny River road where we were camped for over a week, guess we got out of there just in time.

We also checked a bit more about Salmon fishing while we were in the area but without success as the information is that they continue to be between runs.

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