Thursday, July 16, 2009

Palmer Alaska

We're staying just outside Palmer at the Town and County RV Park for a few days. We have a full service site and it is a nice place just off the highway. We chose this park partly because they have wifi but there is a fee for it and we found that we can access the internet reasonably well with our Verizon phones so we did not pay for the wifi. We wanted to stay in range of Anchorage as Dennis' cousin Paula was out of town when we went through - no cause and effect thing here we're pretty sure . And there are some things to see and do in this area.

Yesterday we looked around Palmer and Wasilla which is 6 or 7 miles away and we shopped at Walmart and Target in Wasilla and had dinner in a Mexican resturant there. It was a time to stock up as the Walmart especially was well stocked and with mostly reasonable prices. Barbara finally got to have a margarita for the first time since we have been in Alaska. Several times she wanted to order one but the restaurant did not have a liquor license as many seem to be licensed only for beer and wine. In any case she had a good one and we had good food as well. And no, we didn't see Sarah Palin and we are pretty sure that we were not seeing Russia from Wassila - maybe a few more margaritas and who knows.

Today we drove up the Glen Highway to see the Matanuska Glacier. This was backtracking as we had come up this highway on our way here in June. It is easier to do sightseeing in the car and we were hurrying along when we came by earlier. We saw some great views of the river valleys, mountains, and the glacier. Dennis walked the 1 mile glacier viewing loop but the views though at a different angle were not better than from the viewing center by the parking lot.

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This is a group of teenagers Barb met while Dennis was walking the glacier trail. Actually, they wanted to meet our dog Roxie. They are with a group called Adventures Cross Crountry. This group takes teenagers on a 30 to 40 day camping trip to different states. This group was visiting Alaska. They were in need of a little puppy love after 30 days. They were a very friendly and polite group of kids. They all agreed that showers were the thing they most missed.

This is a view of one of the mountians just before a storm came through. It was one that was surrounding the glacier.

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