Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seward, Alaska

Today we left Mel and Barb Gibb's place on the Kenai river and drove to Seward. It is only about 100 miles but it is not a fast trip. We stopped at Fred Meyer's in Soldotna to empty our holding tanks and fill our fresh water tank, which took a while as there was a line. It was a pleasant drive over half of which was backtracking to the Seward Highway. We headed into the town of Seward where we had decided to park in one of several city parks. We choose Resurrection Park on Resurrection Bay as it is the largest park and appeared to be best suited for a larger RV like ours. It was a good choice. We were able to get a bayside non-hookup site. We are parked facing the bay and are able to view aquatic wildlife and boats through our windshield as we sit here. We are however noticing a haze in the air which is apparently a result of the wild fires in the Denali National Park area close to 300 miles north of here.

This is our view in the front of the bus, it is really wonderful. we watch all of the boats coming and going on the bay.

This sea otter was diving under and getting clams, coming up and laying on his back tossing the clams into his mouth. Really cute!

We took a walk along the small boat dock, looked at the boat dock and daydreamed about owning one of them.

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  1. Hello You 2 and Roxy too....
    We are so much enjoying your adventures through Alaska. Nice to see you met up with friends and that Roxy found some canine companions too. The pictures are wonderful!!! Great job with your blog