Monday, July 6, 2009

Moose on the loose for Olga

This afternoon we took a drive along the Kalifornsky Beach Road loop. It was a very pretty drive, Roxy loved going with us. On our return part of the loop this young bull moose was on the side of the road and Dennis was able to get several pictures of him.

We continued our drive to the Cook beach., While walking Roxy on the beach, we spoted a large bird sitting on a rock out on the mud flats. Barb walked up closer and was able to get this shot as the bird took flight.

Before heading back to the camp, we decided to go into town and fill the car with gas. As we were headed to the bridge over the Kenai river, there was a caribou grazing in the meadow. Of course we just had to stop and get a picture our very first caribou on this trip, good ending to a very nice day.

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  1. We should of stayed there an extra day and clung to you all day long. That was a pretty one. We're at Anchorage and will probably go somewhere tomorrow, don't know exactly where. This place is fuller than the first time around with RVs. They come and go all day long. I don't think there's any space left for people that might be coming tonite.