Friday, July 24, 2009

A Glipse of Gold

We planned to get up early today and go to Denali and look for some wildlife, then do some gold panning later. But we overslept. So we decided to go our separate ways. Dennis decided to drive up to Denali where he spent time going through the Visitor Center displays and watched the movie and went to a ranger talk both relating to the park in winter and adaptations of wildlife to the Alaskan winter. After that he walked one of the trails. It was the wrong time of day for wildlife and he didn't see any but it was a pleasant hike in pretty scenery.

Barb meantime went gold panning with one of the staff members of the park. She went to the Jack river. They found just a bit of gold but had a good time.

Hmmm coming up empty.

Looks much better, is it real?? I will never tell.

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