Saturday, July 25, 2009


Saturday was time to move on from Cantwell after 4 days. We took our time in the morning then did the 150 mile drive into Fairbanks. We saw one moose along the road but didn't even try to get a picture. We had just been talking about not hearing about forest fires for a while when we started to see and smell smoke. It appeared that there were fires on both sides of us. but the smoke eased off quite a bit.

We went to Dennis' cousin Dan's home on a wooded hill in Fairbanks. We are lucky that he has an RV full hookup spot that he invited us to use while in Fairbanks. We also have a great view with views of the Alaskan Mountain range. Here we are parked next to Dan and his wife Janet's log cabin.

We look good parked next to this beautiful home.

Dennis and Dan just kicking back, notice the bear rug on the wall, really cool.

Dan enjoys the outdoors and has a lot of toys to do it with. Here is a picture of his Alaska SUV. Do you think he has trouble getting to work in winter?

We had a pleasant dinner with Dan and Janet, their daughter Megan as well as Dan's sister Paula and his mother Pat and a couple visiting from Holland. Barb was able to put together a rhubarb and raspberry pie for dessert.
Pat and Paula helping the guest from Holland with the trip to Denali Park.

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