Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rough Road to Blueberry Hill

Today we went 4 wheeling in the hills north of Fairbanks. Dennis' cousin Dan and his wife Janet invited us to go with them and another couple on this outing. The plan was to see if we could find some wild blueberries to pick while we were out there. It all worked out well.

Dennis rode out with Dan in the Unimog which is a very large truck that Dan used to haul the larger 2 of his 4 wheel all terrain vehicles. Barb rode in the Tahoe which pulled a trailer carrying the 3rd ATV. We went to an old trailhead and unloaded the ATV's.

Then we got to the fun part. After a quick lesson Dennis was driving one of the ATV's and we were off.
he looks dangerous to me.

We drove up through the hills on an old trail that was at its best like a one lane dirt road but often narrow with large ruts and holes in the trail and branches on either side, up and down hills that were sometimes quite steep. We were able to move along quickly enough to be an exciting ride. It was unfortunately quite dusty for those of us who were not in the lead.

they should have stayed further back ate a lot of dust.
Guess we were kinda of lucky to be in the middle and not at the end.

looks like we found our thrill on this blueberry hill

We found a patch of blueberries and picked for a few minutes. Then we moved and looked for more. We came to another area with a larger patch where the blueberries were thicker and larger than the first area. We stayed and picked until we had each picked around 2 quarts. We quit when we were tired and felt that we had enough berries.

After the trip back in the ATV's and loading them on trailers and driving back to Dan's house we were all tired. We later had Buffalo burgers, corn on the cob, and of course ice cream and blueberries for dessert.

first time Barb had had buffalo burgers, she said they were great and I said I told you so.

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  1. Hello Dennis and Barb.
    A short message from Holland.
    I saw your blog by a lucky shot. I told a friend about Alaska, and search the internet for some pictures. I found some pictures called Alaska, and one of them was a picture with a big camperbus on it wich I indentify as yours, the one I've seen in the garden of Dan and Janet. I was surprised to see some pictures of us on your blog.
    Marjolijn and Jan Sonneveld.