Thursday, July 23, 2009

Visit with Friends

This afternoon we went to visit with Jim, Jane, Mark and Chris at their campground about 40 miles away from where we are. We took the salmon that Barb caught to grill and of course something sweet for Jim and Mark's sweet tooth.

The only words to describe this visit for me is simply, this is what this lifestyle is all about, good friends, good food and most certainly good laughs with this group.

Mark was in charge of grilling the salmon, as you can see there was some difficulty and Jim was right there with his expert advice.
Jim, just how did you say this is supposed to work?????

Maybe we should get one of the ladies to give us a hand on getting this going.

When the food was finally ready, we had a wonderful meal, and Jane prepared one of her puddings with home made whip cream which she always whips by hand.
Love sharing the good life with these folks.

This evening was one to warm my heart, just being with these friends, can't wait for the next run in, back in the lower 48, see you there.

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